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Nitrate nitrogen products will usher in great development


Recently, at the 4th meeting of the Fertilizer Evaluation Team of the 6th Agriculture Department Fertilizer Registration Review Committee held in Panyu, Guangdong, calcium ammonium nitrate for agriculture and modified ammonium nitrate for agriculture were included in the list of fertilizers. People in the industry believe that the inclusion of two products in registration management is in line with the current development direction of agriculture for nitrate nitrogen fertilizer demand, and agricultural modified ammonium nitrate is expected to become the second largest nitrogen fertilizer product along with urea.

Professor Cao Yiping from the College of Resources and Environment of China Agricultural University told the reporter that both calcium ammonium nitrate and modified ammonium nitrate are good water-soluble fertilizers. Nitrate and ammonium nitrogen in ammonium nitrate can be absorbed by crops. Good performance of neutral nitrogen fertilizer, suitable for top dressing application. The inclusion of the two products in the fertilizer registration management catalog is conducive to the promotion and use of nitrate nitrogen fertilizers, especially for the drip irrigation of economic crops.

It is understood that ammonium nitrate accounts for half of each of nitrate nitrogen and ammonium nitrogen, and it is not easily volatilized. It can be absorbed by crops. There is no residue in the soil, and its fertilizer efficiency is higher than that of urea. It is a good performance neutral nitrogen fertilizer. . However, ammonium nitrate can be used as a raw material for explosives. In order to ensure public safety, the relevant state departments incorporated the sale, purchase, and use of ammonium nitrate into civilian explosives management in 2002, and it is forbidden to sell ammonium nitrate as a fertilizer.

Shi Qinglin, director of Shanxi Tianji Group's agrochemical department, told reporters that currently modified products such as ammonium nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate, nitrophosphate and nitro compound fertilizer are rapidly developing. The two products will be included in the registration and management, and the market environment of nitrate nitrogen fertilizer can be improved. , to expand the market share of nitrate nitrogen fertilizer. Li Bangxiong, deputy general manager of Henan Jinkai Chemical Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., believes that the inclusion of two products in the category of fertilizer registration management will lead to the production and sale of agricultural ammonium nitrate products and compound fertilizer products using ammonium nitrate as raw materials, and will not increase enterprises. The cost of registration will instead make the market more standardized.

Li Xuchu, deputy general manager of Sichuan Golden Elephant Chemical Industry Group, stated that the National Expert Meeting on Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertilizer held in Beijing in March last year confirmed that the development of agricultural modified ammonium nitrate must follow four principles: First, it must be used in a composite manner. Encourage ammonium nitrate producers to develop nitro compound fertilizers and reduce secondary processing costs. Second, promote the scientific use of nitrate nitrogen fertilizers and gradually replace ammonium nitrogen fertilizers. Third, promote the use of agricultural modified ammonium nitrate and agricultural irrigation. Combination; Fourth, moderate development of coated and slow-release fertilizer products. He emphasized that agricultural ammonium nitrate products have the characteristics of energy saving, consumption reduction and high utilization rate in production. In recent years, global demand for agricultural ammonium nitrate products has grown rapidly. At present, China has mastered the production technology of modified ammonium nitrate, and the equipment has also achieved localization. The agricultural modified ammonium nitrate has been included in the list of fertilizer registration management, in line with the demand for fertilizer products with low energy consumption and high fertilizer efficiency in agricultural planting during the “12th Five Year Plan” period. The direction of development will pave the way for future large-scale replacement of urea with agricultural ammonium nitrate.

According to the China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association, by the end of 2009, China had more than 30 ammonium nitrate enterprises and 4.7 million tons of ammonium nitrate. On June 22 last year, the Nitrate Ammonium Nitrate Expert Committee was formally established at the Nitrate Ammonium Nitrate Working Conference convened by the China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association.

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